Hi👋, I'm Ryan

Thank you for checking out my portfolio. I am a UX generalist originally from Michigan, now located in Cologne 🇩🇪. I believe embedding customer centered thinking throughout an organization has a positive impact on business and naturally leads to excellent digital experiences.

You too? Let’s get in touch ✉️ ryan.thurmer@gmail.com

I have a passion for exploring the world 🌍, experiencing people through their food, music, art and surroundings.

I dive, hike and mountain climb when I’m not working on a project.

I cook something new every day and can’t remember the last time I left the house without a camera. 📷 instagram.com/kater_rhein

I have a side project called Tanz & Firlefanz. We organize electronic music events in Cologne and DJ as 🎧 Fritz & Figge. Come check out our next event!

By the way... I built this website using HTML and CSS. I'm not a front end developer, but know enough to work well with front end devs.

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